Mukhtar Ahmed Omar, Director, Quality Assurance Office, Amoud University at a senate meeting held in Senate Meeting Hall, Main Campus, Amoud University on September 28th, 2021. Photo By Abdalla Ali Yousuf & Sadam Ahmed Dahir "Gurey" | Amoud Media Team 2021

Director, Quality Assurance

26 November 2018
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Quality Assurance and Maintenance of Standards Unit

There shall be Quality Assurance and Maintenance of Standards Unit, which shall be headed by the Director, Quality Assurance and Maintenance of Standards. It shall be the function of the Director of Quality Assurance and Maintenance of Standards, through the Unit, to:

  1. Develop quality assurance policy, and quality assurance framework and guidelines for university wide application;
    Promote the adoption, application and conformity to quality standards in education, research and outreach programs;
  2. Develop frameworks and oversee the implementation of frameworks
  3. Periodically review the whole assessment system of the University and advice the Senate and other organs on necessary reforms;
  4. Explore ways and means to improve examinations at the University;
  5. Formulate and develop examinations policies for the University;
  6. Perform such other relevant tasks as it may be assigned from time to time that relate to its mandate.

At Amoud University, an office was constituted and named the Office of Quality Assurance (QA) that endeavors to consolidate the culture of Quality, and to implement its standards in teaching, learning, scientific research, university departments and community service. The QA Office plays a bench marking role for the University institutions to verify implementing its mission through commitment of continual development of all its academic and administrative activities.

The Quality Assurance Mission:
The QA Office popularizes the culture of quality in the university, and qualifies its faculties and institutions for implementing the standards of Accreditation and Programs Quality assurance according to the targeted educational outputs. It endeavors to improve performance and services, and to establish an assistant environment for the persistent development of the university and academic performance in order to acquire the community trust in the alumni according to definite and explicit performance standards.

The QA Office Goals:

  1. To enhance the Quality and Accreditation culture in the University.
  2. To pursue carrying out the University Accreditation as per the Ministry of Higher Education requirements.
  3. To conform the University policies and plans set up for the Quality Assurance requirements.
  4. To prove the ability to provide sufficient services meeting the students' demands and heighten their satisfaction through
    the effectual implementation of the Quality Management System; and to verify the continual improvement processes.
  5. To build reciprocal and connective relations with the regional and foreign corporations of assessment, Quality Assurance
    and Accreditation.

The QA Office Duties:

  1. To build up and to develop the human capabilities in the University in order to accomplish and sustain the array of
    Quality Management.
  2. To make the strategic and executive plans and mechanisms for accomplishing the Quality Management array in the
    University institutions.
  3. To ascertain that the systematic revision processes and how far the strategic goals and plans coincide with the University
  4. To advocate the faculties in setting and implementing the reference academic standards relevant to its different
    programs; and in conformity with the Somaliland National Commission for Higher Education Standards at minimum, and to upgrade them
    by benefiting from the modern international standards.
  5. To assess the staff performance in order to ensure the educational process quality on the one hand; and to simplify the
    functional procedures to sustain the students' trust in their institution on the other hand.
  6. Submit periodical reports to the Board of Trustees including the Quality Assurance System performance and suggestions
    to improve it.
  7. The Quality Assurance and Accreditation Office

The Office of Quality Assurance includes the two following departments:

  1. The Educational Process Quality Department which verify that the various academic departments in the University implement standards of Somaliland Commission for Higher Education at minimum and how far these standards take advantage of the world standards for each specification either at the level of the educational programmes curricula or the teaching and learning methodologies or the ways of assessing the faculty staff performance. The department also scrutinizes the accomplishment of accreditation files for the faculties, and the accuracy of these files data.
  2. The Service Quality Department which works on establishing the Quality Management System under the measures of International Standards Organization; and verifies its implementation and maintenance.

The Director, Office of Quality Assurance:
Shall be appointed by the President and selected from among the experienced staff in the field of the Higher Education accreditation requirements, quality system and service quality. He is considered as the executive manager of the Quality Assurance Office and pursues the implementation of the resolutions of all university units concerned with monitoring and evaluation of standards enforcement.


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