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22 November 2018
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As of November 2016, the number of departments has increased to three, namely, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology(BSCIT), Bachelor of Business Information Technology(BBIT) and Diploma in Information Technology(DIT).

These departments have registered a total of 202 students with 119 students, 64 students and 19 students from each of the aforementioned departments respectively. In addition, we have three well equiped computer laboratories in main campus, and one in town campus. There is free wireless internet access provided by a local ISP(Internet Service Provider) available on campus for all students with wi-fi enabled devices.

The faculty currently has a staff population of 37 lecturers. Our students are well trained, mentored by these faculty members towards having self-discipline, hard work and  entrepreneurship as their core values. The students from all departments in the faculty are as a matter of curriculum requirement and obligation sent for internship to a busy commercial, educational or entrepreneural environment for preparation for the future work experience. Such places where our students have got internship opportunities have included Non Governmental Organizations, technology companies, banking institutions, state corporations and parastatals and  government ministries among various other institutions or organizations.

A section of Senior ICT Lecturers, Dean Faculty of Computing & ICT and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Amoud University, during a past Open day Function [File/Photo].
A section of Senior ICT Lecturers, Dean Faculty of Computing & ICT and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Amoud University, during a past Open day Function [File/Photo].

Our alumni have excelled, upon graduation, with many of them getting booked by internship supervisors-turned-employers even before  their actual graduation dates, for job opportunities after impressive performances at the internship places. Some such institutions where our students have been employed are local airports, in schools, in government ministries and in other universities in the region. The feedback is very positive about the performance of the graduates from this faculty. Whereas some of our graduates seek jobs immediately after graduation, some others have gone ahead to enroll for Masters Degrees abroad, predominantly in traditional "Information Technology power house" countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and India where they have established themselves as performers way above their peers in excellence due to the solid foundation laid at Amoud University.

The faculty staff and students have also joined hands to automate most operations in the university, developing the necessary software locally, implementing and further providing user support. For example we have recently  implemented the online examination results display for students from varied faculties which can be accessed from a link here on the official website https://results.amoud.edu.so.

Our next line of focus for the foreseeable near future which is line with the vision and mission of the university is to enhance our impact to the nation through Research and Postgraduate studies in Computing areas.

Okech Edwin

Dean, Faculty of Computing and ICT

A section of Senior ICT Lecturers, Senior Student of BSCIT and BBIT programmes, Dean Faculty of Computing & ICT and the then Gorvernor for Sahil Region, during a past visit to Bebera Ports Authority [File/Photo].
A section of Senior ICT Lecturers, Senior Student of BSCIT and BBIT programmes, Dean Faculty of Computing & ICT and the then Governor for Sahil Region, during a past visit to Berbera Ports Authority [File/Photo].

Vision, Mission and Objectives of The Faculty

Vision of the Faculty
To become a leading institution of higher learning of good international repute providing home-grown, real-time and research-based solutions to the myriad problems encountered in Computing and Information & Communication Technology areas as well as act as a regional electronic hub for fostering peace and development.

Mission of The Faculty
To respond positively to socio-economic needs by designing and implementing a universal education system guided by the principles and values of peace for all humanity and development in all spheres of human kind in addition to providing a conducive research environment for scholars to flourish at all levels of their career.

Objectives of the Faculty
As a faculty, we are keen on churning highly qualified professionals whose knowledge base and grasp of subject content is unmatched. We aspire to bring out, not just capable graduates who can match any challenges in this fast dynamic digital age, but business savvy graduates who look forward to creating job opportunities for themselves and others by applying the global multifaceted world of computing and informatics concepts imparted in them.

Functions of The faculty

The Faculty will perform the following functions to deliver on its mission:

    Students – recruit an academically talented student body from diverse economic, racial and ethnic backgrounds and to attract and retain an active, culturally and academically diverse faculty of the highest caliber, skilled in the scholarship of teaching, discovery, application and integration.
    Curriculum – provide a balance between academic and professional preparation, to the highest national and international professional standards
    Undergraduate – provide a quality liberal education foundation, to broaden intellectual and aesthetic perspectives, explore ethical human values and prepare students for lifelong learning and responsible participation in a complex ever dynamic society.
    Post Graduate – offer selective post-graduate programs leading to masters’ and doctorate degrees either alone or through partnership, collaboration and association with other higher educational institutions.
    Teaching – promote excellence in teaching by offering faculty members opportunities for development in the areas of curriculum instruction, by providing high quality equipment and by maintaining reward systems based on the premise that teaching, research and creative activity are mutually supportive.
    Research and Creative Activity – enhance the quality of life through research and creative activities.
    Outreach and Community Activities – be a catalyst in finding solutions to social, economic and cultural challenges facing society, by dissemination and application of results from its basic and applied research.
    Campus Environment and Extra-Curricular Activities – create a dynamic campus life which offers students the opportunity to participate in a wide range of co-curricular activities.
    Alumni – promote close working ties with its graduates, for mutual benefit.
    Inter University Cooperation and Association – Promote cross campus visits, projects, sports competitions and academic challenges.

Awards and Competitions - The faculty shall have an Annual Competition called “The IT Open Contest” whereby students from all Academic Levels of Study and from all Departments within the faculty of Computing and ICT shall be allowed to enter Projects for the Contest and the Top Performers presented with the “The Dean’s Award” for their efforts.

The candidates shall be permitted to register their Projects either as individuals or as a group of not more than three students. In case of a win for a group project, the group members shall share whatever amount available for the top prize in a predetermined ratio by the group members and the agreement to this effect must be deposited with the dean’s office at the time of registration of the project for competition. This event shall be organized during the second academic semester of each and every academic year and is mainly aimed at boosting student morale while pushing them to discover their full potential. There shall be awards only for the top three best performing Projects. The Dean’s Award will come in terms of one of a trophy, Certificates of Exceptional Performance, Monetary Disbursements, Partial or Full Scholarships, Academic Materials or any combination of any number of these.

To enroll and qualify for the competition, students shall first be required to make Project Proposals to the select committee of assessors for the Contest, who will then recommend registration or otherwise, of these projects to the dean’s office, to enter into the initial (long) list of finalists during the month of April, in the second semester of the academic year.  Thereafter, upon registration of the projects, there shall be continuous evaluation of the listed projects until the end of May, in the second semester whereupon; the best ten projects will finally be entered into the draw for the short list for the Top Prize, to be finally awarded in the last week of June. Out of the ten best Projects, the three most outstanding Projects shall finally then be selected for the Top Prize.

The ideal project should be one which solves a real world problem in the society. Such a project should be implemented or implementable in an area of education, business, agriculture, health sector or government, either in the local community or in the context of the entire world.
List of Programmes Offered At The Faculty.

This faculty currently offers two programmes, namely, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, which is offered in the Information & Communication Technology department and Bachelor of Business Information Technology, a joint collaborative programme offered in partnership with faculty of Business and Public Administration.


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