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A section of members of the Board of Trustees, Amoud University, during the graduation ceremony held at Amoud University, Main campus, Borama City, September 12th, 2021 Photo By Abdalla Ali Yousuf & Sadam Ahmed Dahir "Gurey" | Amoud Media Team 2021

Board of Trustees

22 November 2018
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The board of trustee consists of prominent members of the community.

The Board issues the overall policy directives and guidelines along which the university is steered, appoints the president of the university and reviews annual report and budget of the university.

Board of Trustees, Composition and Functions

Composition of the Board of Trustees

There shall exist a Board of Trustees (BOT) of Amoud University, which shall:

  1. Be the highest governing body of the University;
  2. Be composed of nine (9) members elected by the founders and stakeholders, and approved by the National Commission for Higher Education;
  3. Not be paid for their services and shall in effect perform voluntary community service;
  4. Meet twice a year; but it can hold extra ordinary meetings whenever necessary, wherever necessary. It shall establish its own rules of procedure;
  5. Be elected every four (4) years.

Functions of the Board of Trustees

It shall be the function of the Board of Trustees to:

  1. Approve the overall policies of the University;
  2. Appoint the President of the University;
  3. Approve the appointments of the Vice Presidents of the University, taking into account the recommendations of the President and Council;
  4. Assist the University in acquiring necessary resources;
  5. Make or initiate a visitation to be made to the University whenever possible;
  6. Assist the University management whenever necessary as need may arise;
  7. Link the University to the Community, the government and other institutions in order to promote the interest of the University;
  8. Approve the Constitution of the University, and any amendments thereof;
  9. Approve the annual budgets and receive annual reports including the expenditure reports for the previous year;
  10. Play an advocacy role and protect the University and its property.

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