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Senior Bachelor of Engineering Students 2020/2021 Academic Year from Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Amoud University visited their counterparts at University of Burco on Thursday, December 31st, 2020.

Amoud University students from the Faculty of Computing and Informatics visited Somtel International Company Headquarters, Hargeisa

Dr. Mohamed Muse Jibril, Vice President, Academic Affairs, chaired the weekly Senate Meeting on Tuesday, December 29th, 2021.

4.2 Examination Structure
1. Examinations shall consist of:
i. Coursework, which shall account 40% of the total marks in a course.
ii. End-of-Semester examinations, which shall account for 60% of total marks in a course.
iii. Research Project, which shall be an independent examination, and shall be graded 100% without coursework.
2. Coursework shall consist of:
i. Assignment, which shall account for 10% of the total marks in a course. The structure, nature and design of the assignment shall be determined by the course tutor(s). The assignments shall be conducted by course tutors in the course of the semester.
ii. Mid-Term exam, which shall account for 20% of the total marks in a course.
iii. Attendance, which shall account for 10% of the total marks in a course.
3. Mid-Term examinations shall be conducted by the office of the Academic Registrar. Further,
i. All students shall take the Mid-Term examinations at the time specified by the Vice President, Academic Affairs, and the Academic Registrar.
ii. Mid-Term examinations shall be marked and the results processed and concluded within one (1) week after the date of the last examinations.
iii. Performance in the Mid-Term examinations shall be taken into account when vetting students for university merit scholarships. Students who miss the Mid-Term exam will not be considered for any University Scholarship.
4. End of Semester Examinations shall be conducted by the office of the Academic Registrar.
5. An End-of-Semester undergraduate examination at all levels in all programmes shall have Five (5) questions in three (3) sections labelled Section A, Section B and Section C. A candidate shall answer four (4) questions as follows:
i. Section A (Question 1) is compulsory and contains fifteen 15 short answer objective questions, numbered a – o, that test general knowledge from all over the course. Section A shall carry thirty (30) marks.
ii. Section B is compulsory and contains three (3) questions, 2, 3 and 4 with different parts (a – d) that test understanding, application, analysis and evaluation. Each question shall carry ten (10) marks. A candidate shall answer two (2) questions from this section. Section B shall carry 20 marks.
iii. Section C shall contain two (2) essay questions and a candidate shall answer only one (1). Each question shall carry ten (10) marks.
6. All End-of-Semester examinations shall be written examinations.
7. The Compensatory question described in paragraph 4.4.2 shall come from section B and/or section C.

(Source: A Policy for Examinations and Related Matters, Amoud University, Borama, December 2018) 

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