On Tuesday the 16th day of August 2016, Amoud University held a well organized Graduation Ceremony for the 2nd batch of its Postgraduate students and 15th batch of Undergraduate students. The President of Somaliland, H. E. Dr Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Silanyo) attended the graduation ceremony as the Guest of Honor, accompanied by several Somaliland government officials and other dignitaries including the Somaliland Minister for Education Mr. Abdilahi-dheere alongside the Somaliland Minister for Finance Madam Samsam.

Abdirahman Hufane(right), Chairman of Amoud University Student Union, and Graduate from Faculty of Computing and ICT, having graduated with a Bachelor of Science in degree Information Technology together with Abdillahi H. Aare(centre), the Chief Academic Registrar at Amoud University and Said H. Habaneh(left), Dean of Students Affairs. Abdirahman was posted to the Somaliland Office of The President, following recognition for his excellent leadership qualities. [August 16th, 2016 at main campus Borama, Graduation Hall]

The hosts, Prof. Suleiman Ahmed Gulaid, President of Amoud university received the guests to a jovial welcome at main Campus Amoud University Graduation Hall, accompanied by Prof. A. A. Boqore, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. M. M. Jama (Derie), Vice President for Public Relations and Community Outreach, Prof. A. A. Shirdon, Vice President for Administration and Finance. Also present were Abdillahi. H. Aare, Chief Academic Registrar, various comunity elders and members of Amoud University Board of Directors, various Deans of faculties and Schools and graduates of 2016, Amoud University.

The total number of graduating students, undergraduate and postgraduate inclusive was 682, out of whom 31 were postgraduate students who had earned their Masters Degrees from various fields. Amoud university was established in the academic year 1997/1998. This university has a very dynamic population of both students and staff. Students come from all over the world come and study at Amoud University, predorminantly including those from the Somaliregions such as South Somalia and central Somalia areas. This institution has been the most preferred destination for most academicians in Somaliland and the neigbouring regions and has attracted students from neighbouring countries such as Djibouti and Ethiopia and others who undertook their primary school studies in East African countries such as Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Saudi Arabia has also been a source of students for the university.

The members of staff have also been very diverse with some coming from East Africa, others from Asia and others from America.

Various leaders, Clan elders and Opinion leaders of the local Amoud University local community leadership attending the graduation ceremony at graduation hall, Amoud University, August 16th, 2016 at main graduation hall, Main campus, Borama.

Amoud University currently runs various schools and faculties which offer a wide range of undergraduate degree courses, diplomas and certificates. The most populous faculty among these and the oldest which came with the establishment of the university is faculty of Education. Amoud University Faculty of Education has helped to train most of the teaching staff in Somaliland. Many teachers in secondary schools across Somaliland have passed through Amoud University. Amoud University continues to train teachers from all over Somaliland and beyond. In terms of infrastructure, number of staff and number of students and courses offered, the faculty of Education is the most biggest and most populous. Through funding from various development partners for example European Union, various programmes have been implemented at Amoud University indluing Diploma upgrading for teachers who wish to further their studies by making use of the holiday breaks in between their teaching calendar school terms.

The faculty of Business and Public Administration is also another faculty which runs varioues programmes at Amoud University. It initially started as one unit housing Business and Economics courses but was later split into two faculties namely, Faculty of Business and Public Administration; and Faculty of Economics and Political Science. Currently the two stand as independent faculties offering various programmes including degrees in Business Administration, Political Science, Economics and many other programmes.

The faculty of Agriculture and Environment is yet another one of the faculties with a big population at Amoud University offering various courses to help equip graduates with life long skills on agriculture and environment. the Faculty of Agriculture has had an unmacthed success in implementtaion of projects funded by various international NGOs such as DANIDA, USAID, DAI, and other development partners. In the year 2009, Amoud University established two faculties simultaneously including Faculty of Engineering and faculty of Computing and ICT. These two faculties have grown in leaps and bounds in terms of student numbers, infrastructure and staff populations. The Faculty of Computing and ICT has two departments activbely running including Information technology and Business Information Technology.

The five five Faculties mentioned above are all located at the main campus in Borama, 5km to the East, from the centre of Borama town.

In addition Amoud University established the Faculty of Sharia and Law which as been running various courses in downtown, Borama Town.

Amoud University College of Health Sciences (AUCHS) is another semi autonomous component of Amoud University which runs various medical courses and is located downtown Borama. The College of Health Sciences is headed by Dr. Said Ahmed Walhad, Principal AUCHS. Courses offered by the College of Health Sciences include undergraduate degree programmes in Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Laboratory Technology, Public Health and Pharmacy.

Ahmed Idris(left foreground, seated), Administrator at Amoud University College of Health Sciences together with a section of the 2016 graduates at the 15th graduation ceremony of Amoud University on August 16th, 2016 inside Amoud university main graduation hall, main campus, Borama.

Amoud University  College of Health Sciences has produced very competent graduates in these fields due to thefacilties and infrastructure it has, supported by a highly dedicated staff, led by Dr. Walhad. In some cases, the university has estabblished links with other universities for example Kings Medical College, London, University of Nairobi in Nairoi, Kijabe Hospital in Nairobi and Darlana University in Sweden, which have supported various programmes it offers in various ways.

In 2012 Amoud University launched the postgraduate degree programmes in which several Masters Degrees were offered. Students registered for various courses and some have since graduated including in areas like Master of Business Administration, Master of Education in Curriculum Development, Master of Science in Information Technology Management and Security, Master of Agriculture and Rural Development, Master of Arts in Linguistics, Master of Law and many others.

Students and Staff of AUSPGSR at Amoud University main graduation hall, main campus, Borama Town on August 16th, 2016. From L-R, Mohamed M. Jibril, Dean School of SPGSR, Mr. Zakariye Administrative Assistant to the Dean's Office and Mrs. Saida Assistant Dean, AUSPGSR tigether with a section of their students who graduated with Masters degrees in various fields.

The New Intake for Amoud University is now open for students who wish to enroll for undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses. Our New Semester starts Sepember 1st, 2016. For undergraduate applicants, it is important to note that there is a mandatory rule that all new entrants must go through Freshman Academic Year which is the first and compulsory common year for all our students from where each individual student branches into a faculty offering a programme of choice, this preference being based first on meeting criteria requirements for such courses.