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About the OHRD
The Office of Human Resource Development is a central structure which is designated to assist all other functional units of the university in issues concerning their administrative and academic staff.


In fulfilling the university’s aspirations of becoming a center for academic and technology excellence, the OHRD was established in 2013 with the aim of developing high quality human capital. The office advocates inducing an organizational culture which is enriched with inspirational participatory management and leadership style.  

The vision of the OHRD is to be the driving force in the university’s organizational and human resource development initiatives.

Our mission is to enhance Amoud University through a conducive management and leadership style and equipping its workforce with a world-class knowledge and skills.   

DepartmentsDirector, Office of Human Resuorce Development, Mr. Abdillahi AareThe office of HRD has three main departments

  1. Organizational Development Department
  2. Training and Development Department and,
  3. Career Development Department

The office of human resource development is committed to:

OHRD Functions