Since Quality Assurance is an integral part in academic institutions it became a first priority of Amoud University’s functional areas. In higher education institutions and of course in Amoud University Quality Assurance has become an issue of great concern among all stakeholders, including policy makers, parents, employers, and students. A number of factors have contributed to this concern, among them being the fact that Amoud University has for the past years experienced a sporadic expansion of the number and enrollment levels in the university as triggered by the exponential increase in demand of access to higher education in the region. Therefore, Amoud University responds the need to ensure that the sporadic expansion of higher education in the region did not lead to compromising quality of the very education being delivered.

 In January 2010, the Amoud University established a unit for Quality Assurance charged with coordinating the implementation of a formalized Quality Assurance system and processes. It is against this background that the Quality Assurance policy was developed to guide the practice as per the National Quality Assurance Policy expectations by the National Commission for Higher Education. In parallel, the Quality Assurance manual has been developed to support the implementation of this Policy.

It is worth mentioning that our Quality Assurance system is mainly based on self-reviews, operating in all institutional areas at different levels on a continuous cyclic basis, focused on continuous self-improvement and accountability to stakeholders. It should also be noted that quality is a responsibility of everyone at Amoud University as well as other stakeholders. You are, therefore, called upon to use the Quality Assurance Policy, Manual and associated policies and procedures to guide you to ensure quality in all your day to day activities. I hope that you will abide by the university Quality Assurance policy.
Last but not the least; Quality Assurance will continue to provide assistance for capacity building in Quality Assurance to all Amoud University constituencies. I invite all Divisions to use the Quality Assurance framework in evaluating and improving their divisional Quality Assurance systems, policies, plans and programmes.

Mr. Mohamed Jama Madar,
Director of Quality Assurance,

To be an agent of change and institutional development that propels Amoud University beyond excellence.

The Office of Quality Assurance and Examinations seeks to foster a culture of quality and continuous improvement, within all areas of Amoud University


  • Major objectives of Quality Assurance Plans and Procedures are to:
  • Improve quality of teaching and learning.
  • Standardize assessment tools and assure examination quality at all faculties.
  • Involve staff at all levels of responsibility.
  • Take account of significant developments which impact on programs.

Our Motto:

Delivering the Best Quality Forward