In 1952 Amoud Valley just outside Borama made educational history by hosting the first secondary Prof. Suleiman Ahmed Gulaid
school in the former Somaliland Protectorate. On November 4th, 1998, the same Amoud Valley saw the inauguration of the first university in the Republic of Somaliland thus marking the birth higher education in this country and the rebirth of this sector in the wider Somali context after its total collapse.

Personally, I was deeply honored by history to be one of the principals of that secondary school and the first president of this pioneer institution.

During the past twelve years Amoud University impact on educational system in this country was greater than that of any other institution. I wish to take this opportunity of introducing the official website of Amoud University to express our deep gratitude and congratulations to the founders, supporters and friends of Amoud University in this outstanding achievement at an extremely difficult period in our history. I hope we will continue to register together more successes on the years ahead.

Finally, we, at this institution, wish to re-iterate our unwavering commitment to the ideals and mission of good education through excellence which Amoud University stands for.

Prof. Suleiman Ahmed Gulaid