Faculty of Sharia & Law

Amoud University Faculty of Sharia and Law Office in Borama Town

The current awful disaster prevailing in Muslim world was resulted in the negligence of the maintenance of law and order and the absence of trained human resources equipped with the genuine values of the Islam.

Faculty of sharia and law Established in 2006 it’s aimed to contribute to the development of the moral code of Islamic education and to revive, and invigorate our national values. The motto of this faculty is knowledge, faith and work. This motto rightly responds to the Mission of Amoud University, which focuses on the training of post- civil war qualified human resources, with strong belief in the Islamic regulation and its values of fraternity, cooperation hard work, and it discards all types of favoritism tribalism, and culture of conflict. This faculty is committed to make a difference in the communities around faculty shari’a and law.


The broad aims and objectives of the faculty of the Shari’ a and law is: